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Chris & Dayna Wong

In April 2021, Chris and Dayna Wong were welcomed as the new owners of Coconut Wireless Weekly. They took on a great paper founded by Lindsay and Noa, who created a fun paper for the community full of purpose on getting the conversation started and supporting small businesses. 

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Chris Wong and Dayna Wong - Owners of Coconut Wireless
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Chris and Dayna Wong - CWW Owners
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Looking ahead the Wongs are exciting to continue the foundation built for Coconut Wireless Weekly while bringing their style and flare into the business.

They are a family run and operated business while supporting other local businesses who assist with the production of the paper. Each of their family members play a different role and are a huge reason for the success of each edition.


The loyal Coconut Wireless Weekly reader will continue to enjoy your favorite editorial columns and CocoActivities. 

Looking to welcome new readers and Hawaii Island visitors to take a FREE copy which features breezy items that could be called "pop culture." It is neither political, nor religious, and never offensive.

This is an advertising-supported, community weekly publication. Local businesses are encouraged to reach out and ask for ad rates. Weekly rates are available for island events.

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